“Just manifest it Mom! Auntie Sara manifests everything”
-My nephew Julian

A few years ago I was shopping with my oldest sister, Chrystel at some outlet stores in Lee, MA. She was buying new clothes for her kids. I was searching for a wide-brimmed hat. The image of the hat I wanted was fixed clearly in my mind like a Polaroid picture. This hat was a darker brown straw, fit snuggly, and had a ridiculously wide brim to shade the sun. Not just any brim, a brim that was not floppy but dramatic and elegant and unique.

I could see myself holding the hat. This image of myself wearing it was clear in my mind and also I simultaneously felt what it would be like to find the hat and place it on comfortably on my head.

It was the start of summer and so straw hats appeared in many of the stores. With a multitude of hat options, I kept my eye out for “The Hat”. Chrystel watched with chagrin as I tried on many hats unsuccessfully and stating time and again “nope, this is not the hat.”

I tried on one hat that was satisfactory and for a moment debated settling, but could not. My sister asked what was wrong with this hat as I placed it back. “This is not The Hat,” I exclaimed, “but I will know when I find it.”

That day I left the stores without a wide-brimmed straw hat.
A week or two later both my sister and I were visiting our hometown in Rockport, MA, a beautiful seaside village. Rockport and it’s neighboring town, Gloucester, form a picturesque island dotted with quaint shops and my favorite thrift and consignment stores. One funky shop “Bananas” always offers an eclectic array of costume jewelry, feather boas, and spectacular 80’s prom dresses, deteriorating Ferragamo shoes, and, you guessed it! Hats!

My search for the perfect hat was not at the forefront of my mind when I entered Bananas. I shuffled through racks of musty tops and dresses. Then, at the back of the store I saw a crowded hat rack decorated with worn fedoras, old laced pillboxes, newsboy caps, and one magnificent, enormous and stiff brimmed, copper-colored straw hat.

I picked it up and knew instantly this was the hat. It was exactly what I had imagined. I put it on and looked in the mirror and felt exactly the way I had envisioned. YES!

For $10 bucks I left the store triumphantly wearing the hat. Back at my family home I walked in to our kitchen where my sister emerged at the bottom of the stairs. She took one look at my coy expression and hat sporting self and shouted, “It’s THE HAT!”

In my life I’ve manifested many significant, life-shifting occurrences via what I refer to as “maximizing serendipitous opportunities” including teaching opportunities, job offers, finding my husband, becoming a business owner, and more. I use the hat story in this example because it’s so concrete and real and from it I’m able to extract and offer a basic roadmap for manifesting your vision in to reality.

Watch for new posts in coming weeks! I’m going to break down my own manifestation process in to an achievable plan that you can follow and make moves toward creating the life you want.