On, June 29, 10am-11:15am: Whole Sky Yoga was honored to welcome special guest teacher Stacy Guglielmi. Her class had 18 people! A wonderful turnout. Stacy will also be teaching a few guest spots on the schedule over the next month so stay tuned!

Stacy’s teaching is the culmination of her life long passion to the art of conscious awareness. Her strong, sensitive and dynamic ability to create a personal experience is reflective in her interdisciplinary classes. Through her teaching her students awaken to a deeper connection of the body, mind and spirit.

Studying yoga since 1985 with many diverse and inspiring teachers Stacy has developed a rich and nourishing curriculum she calls Kriyasana. Combining the teaching of swami satchitananda saraswati’s practice of kriya yoga with the more modern practice of hatha yoga she has developed a profound style of teaching that balances physical practice with meditative internal practice.

In her classes Stacy is able to create a deeper connection of the body, mind and spirit through her teaching of Kriyasana and her extensive knowledge of the human body. She has been studying yoga and healing arts for 25 years and is grateful to her hippie mom for giving her the roots of inspiration that guided her to this path.

She continues to manifest her dream…connect with people in a meaningful way, inspiring them towards deeper practice of awareness and their own unlimited potential and joy!

For more about Stacy visit: anjalispace.com