Hi friends!

It’s always fun to share the unique and interesting stories of our wonderful students so that we can get to know each other and build a sense of community! This month we’re delighted to interview one of Whole Sky’s most dedicated students, Makiko Harada.

Name: Makiko Harada
Age (optional): 40
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: owner of Glamsalt
Favorite Pose: Crocodile pose!
Website link: www.glamsalt.com

1) What is your ‘yoga story’, in other words how did you come to find and adopt a yoga practice?
Since I was young, I was always interested in the healing traditions of the world. Yoga was interesting to me because unlike other fitnesses; yoga is also about wisdom of the mind. Mind and body are equally integrated in this practice. 
I also like the fact that the yoga is an earthy practice- a lot asanas inspired by animals!

2) What does yoga mean to you and how long have you been practicing?
Yoga is like medicine to me. With the assistance from Sara, I create my own medicine to stay healthy, healthier, become strong. After taking to her classes for a several months now; I am noticing that I rarely get leg cramps while I walk, now.
I am lucky that I am given this opportunity to take Sara’s classes-it is as if I am entering a temple of comfort when I come to her classes!
My first yoga class took place about 25 years ago at a New England Prep School I went to and was counted as a PE class! 
3) What do you like best about Whole Sky Yoga?
Sara’s teaching style! I have taken many yoga classes here in upstate NY as well as in NYC and she is the best teacher! She is very thoughtful and open minded which reflects in her teaching style – and I love the feel of the studio! It feels as if I am in the ship. I wonder if it is to do with the color and shape of the space. It feels good to be in her studio.

4) What is your advice for someone who wants to try yoga but feels apprehensive?
First of all, my mom started to take yoga classes after she turned 70 and now she loves it. She takes classes at least 3 times a week now! Yoga is not only for people who are flexible. Yoga is for people who are interested in improving their well-being! You need to keep participating in classes and then you will feel the difference!

5) Share one unusual, unexpected fact about yourself:

I sell salt. The Goddess of Salt is with me.

6) Anything else at all you want to share:
Salt is good for you. But you need to consume the natural salt; not the ones that are chemically and mass produced salt. Good salt create your life more radiating and healthy! ( taking too much of everything would be harmful for your health; things need to be taken in moderation).