Whole Sky Yoga is delighted to expand it’s breadth of offerings that allow our community to explore and deepen yoga practice and experience. Our newest addition to the Fall schedule kicks off Friday, September 15 with Susan DeRyder. Rise and shine for a healing, 7am pranayama practice.

Learn more about how a connection to breath and breath control encourages mental clarity and the ability to cultivate calm center in posture practice and in life off the mat. In this early morning class, students gather to practice a transformative pranayama (breath) sequence inspired by the ‘Four Purifications’ as master-yogi Baba Hari Dass taught to all of his students. Susan shares how these breathing practices increase strength and breath capacity. The class will also explore balancing techniques which focus on the particular season, weather, and lunar cycles.

Learn how ‘prana’ and ‘kundalini’ energy flows through the “subtle body” in channels called nadis. The ‘Four Purifications’ will purify the nadis, so that prana and kundalini can flow more freely throughout the body. This is extremely satisfying, calming, yet enlivening experience practiced to encourage samadhi (superconsciousness). Although powerful, the Four Purifications are comfortable and safe, as long as you do not attempt to force or strain. The names of the four purification techniques are: 1. Nadishodha (“Cleansing the Nadis”), 2. Kapala Bhati (“Skull Shining”), 3. Agnisara Dhauti (“Fire Wash”), 4. Ashvini Mudra (“Horse Mudra”). 

This one-hour class is suitable for all levels of practitioner. There is no movement or posture practiced in this class. The practice is taught seated or reclined. Consider staying for a “double header” and following your pranayama practice with Gentle Flow at 8:30am with Kelly!