Since 2010 my life has been on fast-forward. I got my first job, met my husband, bought a house, got married, had a baby, and now I’ve left my career to launch my own business

Just before moving to the Hudson Valley I was living in North Adams, MA in a wonderful work/trade situation with Frog Lotus Yoga and a gifted teacher, Jennifer Yarro, who I was blessed to have as a mentor during that period in time.

While living in NA it was clear to me that my life could move in one of two directions. 1) I could focus 100% on yoga, become a traveling yogi, teach and take workshops internationally, attend festivals and totally delve in to the wanderlust lifestyle, or 2) I could seek steady and fulfilling employment and find a place to plant roots, create a community, and immerse myself.

I was not shut off to either option, and remained open to the path that would present itself, while at the same time I was actively applying for many different jobs. Then, I was interviewed simultaneously for two amazing opportunities. One opportunity was at Kripalu, a school of yoga internship that would have brought me there to live and learn for a year commitment. The other was a full-time salaried job at Omega Institute in the fundraising field.

If neither of these panned out, I knew I’d take the traveling yogi path and be happy with that. Ultimately, I was offered the job at Omega as project and program support for the External Affairs department. Even though I had never had a professional job or really any fundraising experience, I somehow managed to get hired and I was thrilled!

I packed up and moved to the Hudson Valley to start this new chapter with no more than what fit in my 2002 Honda Civic.

From there my life has fallen in to place as seamlessly as dominoes with a string of blessings arriving one after the other. It’s easy to be afraid that the other shoe might drop at any moment, but whenever fear creeps in I just replace is with gratitude and make the decision to live life in a place of light, trust, and surrender. I’ve been enjoying the thrill of manifesting all I have ever dreamed, watching in awe while at the same time being an active participant.

When my heart is on fire, I know it’s time to strive from the buzz of right action and I’ve learned how to do that in my life. I’ve learned how to stay grateful for all that is, and from that place continue to grow in ways that transform and uplift my self, my family, my community, and the universe. Now I want to learn how to share my process with you.

Thank you for you,
Sara, WSY Founder & Director