As long as I can remember I’ve schemed about business ideas. At age 11 my best friend and I started a desk cleaning service for other students, charging fifty cents per desk. My entrepreneurial nature is inherited from my mother’s mother who was always hatching ways to produce income. In my 30 years of life I’ve had many ideas and not acted. I’ve felt that buzz of inspiration and motivation only to let it fade away in to the ether of life’s circumstances and my own limiting fears. When you let an idea die that had once created fire in your soul, your own positive energy deteriorates.

In November when I returned to work after giving birth we were also witnessing the passing of my husband’s aunt, Joanne. She was fading away early in her 60’s leaving husband, sons and two young grandchildren. Also, during 2013 I lost my last surviving grandparent. Five months pregnant at the time, I taught a yoga class at Omega at the morning after he passed at 7:00am and the sun was creeping out while students lay still savasana. I placed my hand on my belly struck at the profound juxtaposition of death and birth.

Life fades away quickly. We all know this for certain and yet it is so hard to fully realize each day. There is no time to waste in pursuing the life you want. If you put it off till tomorrow chances are it will not come to fruition. Now is the only time to move.

And so I made one phone call and went to see a new space in High Falls, NY that I had a good feeling about. When I stepped in to the space I knew right away. This beautiful opportunity came at the right time, at the right location, the right atmosphere, and I felt the spark of possibility. This was a serendipitous opportunity shining before me.

With disbelief and in spite of fear I set the intention in my heart and turned on a force within me that could not be shut off. That unmistakable force is the fired-up, striving, driven energy that manifests dreams in to reality.