On October 27 join us for a special, 2-hour yin yoga journey with Susan DeRyder. Discover new depths within your yoga practice in a series of long-held, passive floor poses, directive breath, and a focused awareness that will initiate healing on all levels.

Yin yoga practice (where static poses are held for 3-10 minutes) stimulates the flow of energy in the body and removes long held blockages. According to the Taoist models of traditional Chinese medicine — yin yoga practice enhances the free flow of chi throughout our organ systems.

In this special event most postures will focus on the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine, which are especially rich in connective tissues. Relax, release, surrender in a supportive and welcoming environment.


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Whole Sky Yoga is delighted to expand it’s breadth of offerings that allow our community to explore and deepen yoga practice and experience. Our newest addition to the Fall schedule kicks off Friday, September 15 with Susan DeRyder. Rise and shine for a healing, 7am pranayama practice.

Learn more about how a connection to breath and breath control encourages mental clarity and the ability to cultivate calm center in posture practice and in life off the mat. In this early morning class, students gather to practice a transformative pranayama (breath) sequence inspired by the ‘Four Purifications’ as master-yogi Baba Hari Dass taught to all of his students. Susan shares how these breathing practices increase strength and breath capacity. The class will also explore balancing techniques which focus on the particular season, weather, and lunar cycles.

Learn how ‘prana’ and ‘kundalini’ energy flows through the “subtle body” in channels called nadis. The ‘Four Purifications’ will purify the nadis, so that prana and kundalini can […]

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Welcome newest WSY teacher Aaron Dias! Aaron is joining us on the fall schedule on Thursday evenings teaching All Levels from 4pm-5:15pm. Aaron teaches Yoga from a place of sincere gratitude. Once she experienced its ability to bring real healing, vitality and harmony to all of her systems–physical, emotional, psychological and energetic–devoting her life to it was the only thing that made sense. Her background is extensive and diverse, with nearly 20 years of training in tantric, vinyasa and therapeutic yoga lineages; several years of Buddhist meditation and Shamanic energy work; and a lifetime of immersion in ritual, theater, dance, song and poetry. You can get a taste of her offerings at

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Curious about our Monday evening ‘Yoga + Sound’ class with Jessica Caplan? We’re delighted to offer this special experience every Monday evening at 4pm. This practice weaves together movement, meditation and therapeutic sound to cultivate presence and connection. The class builds to a gentle flow, winds down with Restorative poses, and culminates with an extended savasana set to a soothing, restorative sound bath.

Many students decide to stay for a double header and attend Pepper Monroe’s 5:30pm Yin Yoga class which is a great compliment to Yoga + Sound.

JESSICA CAPLAN is a certified sound therapy practitioner, vocalist and yoga teacher. She creates heart-centered meditative sound experiences, workshops, retreats and trainings that weave her passion for music and movement as medicine with our innate capacity and desire to heal. A yoga teacher since 2006, and a singer all her life, Jessica completed sound therapy practitioner training at the Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute. She crafts soundbaths and meditative […]


Utthita Trikonasana (extended three angle, or triangle pose) pose is a challenging posture most effective at psoas and groin opening, with a plethora of other benefits not least of which is digestive health. This is one of the trickiest poses to master as there are many contradicting cues and approaches that can throw you off in a group setting.

Standing Pose

This complex pose stretches and strengthens thighs, knees, and lengthens groins, hamstrings, and calves as well as elongating shoulders, chest, and spine. As in all poses, there’s a lot going on here! Triangle pose stimulates the abdominal organs, improves digestion, helps ease symptoms of menopause, relieves backache in some cases (although use caution if you have sciatica). Triangle pose can be used therapeutically to treat anxiety, flat feet, infertility, neck pain, and osteoporosis in some individuals.

Begin at the top of your mat, facing forward in “tadasana”, or standing mountain pose with arms down by your sides. […]


In Gaelic cultures, the beginning of May marks fertility. But while many of us appreciate the aesthetic gifts that nature bestows, those with allergies may not be so pleased with budding signs of life.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re likely familiar with ways to minimize culprits like pollen and dust. But in addition to using neti pots and avoiding respiratory triggers by staying indoors, yoga, too, can be an ally! Because of its link to stress-reduction, regularly practiced yoga asana already aids in allergy prevention by bolstering our immune systems, and according to specialists, there are specific yoga postures that might also be to our benefit when the pollen count goes up.

Opening the throat, chest and lungs:
Standing: Warrior One and Half Moon
On your back: Bridge and Fish

Clearing the upper respiratory tract / draining stuffiness:
Inverting: Shoulderstand and Plow

One bit of caution, however, for those inversions (and even our trusty downward-facing dog): Refrain from keeping […]


Join us Saturday, August 19 for this 2 hour vinyasa master class with Susan DeRyder designed to take your current practice to the next level. Susan will create a safe and supported environment in order for you to have fun and grow in your practice. Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective to access those head scratching kinds of asanas.

Come prepared to stretch, twist, open, strengthen, turn everything upside down and have a great laugh doing it! Learn techniques for practicing handstand, headstand, forearm stand and more.
This workshop is perfect for the level 1-2 practitioner ready to take things up a notch or a level 2-3 looking for a fun and creative sequence of challenging asanas.


Susan DeRyder is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. Now settled in the Hudson Valley, Susan is excited to offer her enriching yoga classes within her new found community. Susan completed her Yoga Teacher Training at The Life Centre […]

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Saturday, June 3 from 4pm-6pm; enter the present moment through embodied yoga and sensory practices in order to to connect with your inner self and discover your authentic voice. Through relaxation we can then play with language and writing as a contemplative dialogue of inner inquiry and exploration.

PATRICE HEBER is a somatic movement therapist and yoga instructor who has been teaching in the field for over 25 years. She is a certified practitioner of Body-Mind Centering and a certified yoga instructor and has taught in the US, Europe, and at Naropa University. She is a senior meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. She maintains a private practice in movement therapy and bodywork in the Hudson Valley

ELIZABETH GUTHRIE is a poet and performer living in the Hudson Valley researching for a practice-based PhD in text and performance at the University of East London. […]


THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Join us on Saturday, June 24 for an evening where breath based meditation starts the tone for balancing the Chakras through Yin Yoga. Soothing music, beautiful poetry and Chakra aligned essential oils lead the way to a healthier state of body, mind and spirit. Start to heal the mind, body and spirit through Yin Yoga, where you stretch the body deep at the level of the connective tissue and joints by holding mainly supine or seated poses for 2 minutes or more. No experience with yoga? No worries. Beginners are welcome.

JULIE COLTON, E 500 E-RYT, is walking along a variety of career paths through being a Reiki Master practitioner, Empath, astrologer and musician. Her background studies also include, Cellular Biology, Mathematics and Secondary Education. When not teaching Yoga, she is a Pilates apprentice for her 500 hour certificate at Rhinebeck Pilates, a candidate for NASM as a personal trainer and in […]


TGIF FLOW returns Friday, July 28. Join WSY teacher Kelly Murphy for a delightful 90-minute vinyasa flow yoga experience that mellows into restorative poses and meditation. This well balanced and nourishing class is accompanied by the sweet and soothing sounds of musician Chris Jackson’s acoustic guitar.

This event is suitable for all levels and we look forward to welcoming you! Stick around after class, hang with fellow yogis and enjoy wine and snacks.

CHRIS JACKSON has been playing piano since age 5 and guitar since age 15. He began playing Florida bands and then relocated to Los Angeles, where his band, Nice Guy Eddie, became a popular live act in clubs throughout the city. Since relocating to the Hudson Valley in 2013, Jackson has been a steady fixture on the live music scene playing solo acoustic guitar around New Paltz, Ellenville, Gardiner and New York City.

7PM-9PM, $25 (includes wine & snacks!)