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Since 2010 my life has been on fast-forward. I got my first job, met my husband, bought a house, got married, had a baby, and now I’ve left my career to launch my own business

Just before moving to the Hudson Valley I was living in North Adams, MA in a wonderful work/trade situation with Frog Lotus Yoga and a gifted teacher, Jennifer Yarro, who I was blessed to have as a mentor during that period in time.

While living in NA it was clear to me that my life could move in one of two directions. 1) I could focus 100% on yoga, become a traveling yogi, teach and take workshops internationally, attend festivals and totally delve in to the wanderlust lifestyle, or 2) I could seek steady and fulfilling employment and find a place to plant roots, create a community, and immerse myself.

I was not shut off to either option, and remained […]


Seven months ago I gave birth to my first child, a baby girl named Metta Mae. She arrived naturally and on her own terms. The experience of giving birth was an exercise in complete surrender. I had to give in to the process completely, and instead of resisting contractions with fear I allowed each wave to take me over. While the birth was happening to me, I was also participating in it by being in tune and aware. It was a yoga practice. It was a metaphor for how to live life. Fully present, in the flow – both in surrender and engaged.

Metta arrived ten days early and so I entered my three-month maternity leave unexpectedly. I swear Metta knew I could no longer handle the stress of my job! I had been at on Core Staff in the Omega Institute Development department for almost four years. In the days leading up to […]


As long as I can remember I’ve schemed about business ideas. At age 11 my best friend and I started a desk cleaning service for other students, charging fifty cents per desk. My entrepreneurial nature is inherited from my mother’s mother who was always hatching ways to produce income. In my 30 years of life I’ve had many ideas and not acted. I’ve felt that buzz of inspiration and motivation only to let it fade away in to the ether of life’s circumstances and my own limiting fears. When you let an idea die that had once created fire in your soul, your own positive energy deteriorates.

In November when I returned to work after giving birth we were also witnessing the passing of my husband’s aunt, Joanne. She was fading away early in her 60’s leaving husband, sons and two young grandchildren. Also, during 2013 I lost my last surviving grandparent. Five months […]


“Just manifest it Mom! Auntie Sara manifests everything”
-My nephew Julian

A few years ago I was shopping with my oldest sister, Chrystel at some outlet stores in Lee, MA. She was buying new clothes for her kids. I was searching for a wide-brimmed hat. The image of the hat I wanted was fixed clearly in my mind like a Polaroid picture. This hat was a darker brown straw, fit snuggly, and had a ridiculously wide brim to shade the sun. Not just any brim, a brim that was not floppy but dramatic and elegant and unique.

I could see myself holding the hat. This image of myself wearing it was clear in my mind and also I simultaneously felt what it would be like to find the hat and place it on comfortably on my head.

It was the start of summer and so straw hats appeared in many of the stores. With a […]