Whole Sky Yoga (WSY) is an open resource for non-judgmental, self-exploration and development through yoga. Visit our beautiful studio in High Falls, NY or spend time getting to know us here online with stories, articles, and videos that promote a whole & vibrant lifestyle through yoga.

Always been curious about yoga? Let us introduce you to the practice in a way that is clear, grounded, and accessible.

Already a seasoned yoga practitioner? We can help you to deepen your commitment and establish an expanded personal practice.


WSY is delighted to offer daily classes, workshops & events, and Custom Yoga for both individuals and special events. Our daily classes are diverse and balanced, providing a well-rounded menu of methods to choose from. We encourage students to try all of our classes in order to find the approach and teacher that they connect with most. We currently offer the following yoga styles:

All Levels
Each unique class is tailored to the level and energy of the individuals present. Students can expect a balanced blend of movement and breath that offers a fusion of many yoga styles and lineages.

A dynamic and flowing style of yoga that links yoga postures together using the breath. Each class is designed with creative, unique sequences that elongate the entire body.

Yin Yoga
Simple postures are held for long periods of time with the goal to go deeper in release of tension within ligaments, fascia, connective tissue, and joints.

Therapeutic Flow
Yoga doesn’t have to be hard. This easeful practice pairs breath-centered movement, customized supported postures and pockets of meditation to relieve stress, improve circulation and, over time, even facilitate healing.

Power Hour!
An invigorating and empowering class with challenging sequences designed to elongate the whole body from head to toe! This hour-long practice features fun music and creative sequencing. Prior experience is helpful.

Beginner Level
This very beginner-level class integrates some flowing sequences but also holds poses in order to deepen understanding of the postures and their proper alignment. This class ends with a long savasana to encourage deep relaxation.

More detailed descriptions are available on our class schedule. We strive to provide personal attention and to meet the needs of each unique client. Please know that our doors are open to other yoga styles and lineages as well!


  • Accessible & down to earth
  • Caring & nourishing
  • Vibrant & dynamic
  • Professional
  • Balanced
  • Attentive
  • Authentic

Thank you for spending time with us, we are so grateful! We look forward to welcoming you to our home in High Falls, NY. Also, you can contact us to share thoughts and ideas about creating the best yoga community possible.

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